Como puedo llegar ala fama ?

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Estudio de grabación en Jujuy - Argentina (gracias por visitar el link)

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espero que sepan ingles :wink: :wink: :wink: :wink: (este mail te mandan los de cdbaby cuando te registras)

Since we're going to be selling your CDs now, I thought you'd like
We hope to sell a LOT of your CDs, but we can't do it without your
Read on...

If you mount a toothbrush on the wall, it's art.

It's art because you're making people pay attention to it and think
about it.


They're really meant as individual "thought for the day" things.
Eating them all at once could make you sick. So instead - go through
this one long email slowly. Get inspired, and try some crazy idea.
Just one. It'll work, and excite you. Then next week you'll try
another, and another. And everyone will ask you why you're so lucky.

IMPORTANT: Nothing here is telling you to be something you're not.
The goal is to just turn up the volume on who you really are so the
world can hear it. Never forget you're an artist. And part of an
artist's job is to call attention to what they're creating. A
toothbrush in the sink isn't art. A toothbrush mounted on a wall,
with a spotlight on it, and a room full of people paying attention to
it, is art.

Read on...



WHO'S WRITING THIS? Me. Derek Sivers. Musician. 33 years old. Founder
of CD Baby. I've been a full-time musician for about 10 years. (Last
time I had a day job was 1992.) Toured the world as a guitarist
sideman with some famous folks, (played to sold-out 15,000 seat
stadiums.) Toured the country in a circus, too. Ran a recording
studio. Worked inside the industry at Warner/Chappell Music for 3
years. Had some really great teachers that taught me a lot about the
music business. Cracked the college market and got hired by 400
colleges in 3 years. Sold a few thousand of my own CD.

And that's why I started CD Baby as a hobby: to sell my own CD and a
dozen friends who needed distribution. But it accidently took off
(oops!) and now I'm in this interesting position of being "the guy
behind the counter at CD Baby."

Between my past and present, I've learned a LOT about how to call
attention to your music. Now I get to see what OTHER people are
doing. What sells. What works. Every time someone is selling a LOT of
CDs on CD Baby, I check out their website, their emails, their
marketing plan. I call them up and ask, "What are you doing? How'd
you do that?"


(You might have already seen this on - but here it is in an
oh-so-convenient email. Forward it to anyone you want.)

Derek Sivers, CD Baby

Marketing Your Music by Derek Sivers

######### BIG STRATEGIES #########
Derek Sivers -


Work backwards.

Define your goal (your final destination) - then contact someone
who's there, and ask how to get there.

Know a magazine you think you should be in? Call their main number,
ask for the editorial department, and ask someone in editorial if
they could recommend their three favorite publicists. Write down the
publicists' names, and thank the nice editorial person for their time.
(Don't waste their time asking for the publicists' contact info. You
can find that on the web.) Then call each publicist, and try to get
their attention.

Know a radio station you should be on? Call them and ask for the
music director. Ask if they could recommend a few good radio
promoters. Call the radio promoters they recommend, and try to get
their attention.

Know a venue you should be playing? Bring a nice box of fancy German
cookies to the club booker, and ask for just 5 minutes of their
advice. Ask them what criteria must be met in order for them to take
a chance on an act. Ask what booking agents they recommend, or if
they recommend using one at all. Again, keep your meeting as short as
possible. Get the crucial info, then leave them alone. (Until you're
back, headlining their club one day!)

I know an artist manager of a small unsigned act, who over the course
of a year, met with the managers of U2, REM, and other top acts. She
asked them for their advice, coming from the top, and got great
suggestions that she's used with big results.

In other words: Call the destination, and ask for directions.

You'll get there much faster than just blindly walking out your front
door, hoping you arrive someday.



You know those loyal few people who are in the front row every time
you perform? You know those people that sat down to write you an
Email to say how much they love your music? You know that guy that
said, "Hey if you ever need anything - just ask!"

Put them to work!

Often, people who reach out like that are looking for a connection in
this world. Looking for a higher cause. They want to feel they have
some other purpose than their stupid accounting job.

You may be the best thing in their life.

You can break someone out of their drab life as an assistant sales
rep for a manufacturing company. You might be the coolest thing that
ever happened to a teenager going through an unpopular phase. You can
give them a mission!

If they're a fan of your music, invite them over for pizza to spend a
night doing a mailing to colleges. Go hit the town together, putting
concert flyers on telephone poles. Have them drive a van full of
friends to your gig an hour away. Have the guts to ask that "email
fan" if she'd be into going through the Indie Contact Bible and
sending your presskit to 20 magazines a week.

Soon you can send them out on their own, to spread the gospel message
of your amazing music, one promo project at a time. Eventually, as you
grow, these people can be the head of "street teams" of 20 people in a
city that go promote you like mad each time you have a concert or a
new CD.

Those of us busy busy people may think, "How could ANYone do this
slave work?" But there are plenty of people out there with time on
their hands that want to spend it on something besides TV.

Don't forget that to most people, the music business is pure magic.
It's Hollywood. It's glitter and fame and fantastically romantic.
Working with you might be the closest the get to that magical world
of music. Give someone the chance to be on the inside circle. Put 'em
to work.



Secret trick to get people in the audience to sign your mailing list
AND be part of your inside club.

1. At every show you do, from now on, bring a camera and a notebook.

2. About halfway through your show, when everyone is having fun, take
pictures of the audience, from the stage. Tell them to smile, make a
face, hold up their beer, whatever.

3. Afterwards, pass around the notebook and say, "Please write down
your email address in this notebook, and in a few days, I'll email
you, telling you where you can see YOUR goofy picture on my website."

4. At the end of the night, before bed, write up a
journal/diary/memoir of that show. Scan and upload all their pictures
onto a page of your website. Dedicate a page of your site about that
show, with the diary, photos, and a little link on that page that
says, "If you were at this show, please introduce yourself!" - so
people can contact you.

5. Email everyone that was there that night. Of course EVERYone will
go look at your site. How could they not? People are infinitely more
interested in themselves than they are in you.

6. Stay in touch with them all!

(p.s. The other hidden idea in this is to make every show a Real
Event. A Big Deal. Something worth documenting. This will get you out
of the habit of thinking of it as "just another gig." Because for many
of your fans, it's not. It's the most fun they've had all month.)

Here's an example. One of my old outdated tour diaries:
(After starting CD Baby in 1998 I stopped touring. But since I had
been on the road for 10 years straight, I'm not complaining.)



Have you been filtered? If not, you should start now. (Huh?)

With the internet, there are more "media outlets" than anyone can
digest. A site like MP3.COM has 250,000 artists on there. Many of
them are crap. People in the music biz get piles of CDs in the mail
everyday from amateurs. Many of them are crap.

But you're not crap, are you? No! So prove it! Don't sit in the bin
with the rest.

You need to go through filters. Places that reject many, only letting
the best of the best pass through.

As long as you're good (really good) - what you want are MORE
filters! More obstacles... More hurdles...

Because these things weed out the "bad" music. Or the music that
isn't ready. Or the people that weren't dedicated.

I worked at Warner Brothers for 3 years. I learned why they never
accept unsolicited demos: It helps weed out the people that didn't do
enough research to know they have to go meet managers or lawyers or
David Geffen's chauffeur FIRST in order to get to the "big boys."
(Deal with the 'gatekeepers' to get to the mansion.)

If you REALLY REALLY BELIEVE in your music, have the confidence to
put yourself into those places where MOST people get rejected.
(radio, magazines, big venues, agents, managers, record labels,

Because each gate you get through puts you in finer company. ("the
best of the best")

And you'll find many more opportunities open to you once you've
earned your way through a few gates.



You don't get extreme talent, fame, or success without extreme

Be less leisurely.

Throw yourself into this entirely.

Find what you love and let it kill you.



"Whatever scares you, go do it."

Estudio de grabación en Jujuy - Argentina (gracias por visitar el link)

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Si alguien lo traduce, Dios perdonará todos sus pecados :desdentado:

Estudio de grabación en Jujuy - Argentina (gracias por visitar el link)

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elooo @ 25 Sep 2006 - 01:45 AM escribió:
Como puedo llegar a la fama ?

trabajando, trabajando, trabajando, y trabajando.

o bien metiendote en Gran Hermano :D

#20 por zoolansky el 25/09/2006
Si te quemas vivo en medio de una calle céntrica un mediodía de domingo también serás famoso durante unos cuantos telediarios.

¿ Pero ese es el objetivo ? ¿ Llegar a la fama ? Vaya mierda.

Mi tercer CD doméstico, listo. Podéis escuchar todos los temas aquí mismo...

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Por cierto, Barny, creo que en la página de CDBaby está todo traducido al castellano.

Mi tercer CD doméstico, listo. Podéis escuchar todos los temas aquí mismo...

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Yo creo que si quereis triunfar en el heavy metal lo mejor que podeis hacer es acostaros con alguna famosa cuarentona... si puede ser que está en la trama de marbella...
#23 por BOCACCIO el 25/09/2006
Para llegar a la fama 3 cosas:

1/: Mucha suerte
2/: Mucho talento
3/: Mucho dinero

Si tienes estas 3 cosas alomejor lo consigues o alomejor no.
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"Ten cuidado con lo deseas porque puede hacerse realidad"

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Tambien puedes enrollarte con Marujita Diaz...eso no suele fallar........
#26 por MAAAD el 25/09/2006
Si deseas FAMA, envia FAMA espacio tu nombre al 5595.No lo olvides, FAMA espacio nombre al 5595.Porque tú lo vales!!!
#27 por sapristico el 25/09/2006
#28 por logan3 el 25/09/2006
Yo te propongo presentarte a a GH u OT y suicidarte en directo por no haberte cogido.
#29 por ganzua el 25/09/2006
eduardoc @ 25 Sep 2006 - 04:53 AM escribió:
Bueno así rápido creo que si buscas salir en revistas, la tele y la radio lo que tienes que hacer es ir a un casting de OT o gran hermano, es lo más adecuado, con heavy metal lo tienes mal.....

También podrías probar el viernes a jugar a los euromilloes y de esa manera si ganas los 58.000.000 de euros, con esto sales en donde te de la gana y haciendo también lo que te de la gana.

Tambien puede servir follarse a una famosa o famoso.

de meditación transcendental en el Himalaya

#30 por Ludwigvan el 25/09/2006
Sí, eso de tirarte a un famoso es lo más rápido.

Esoty convencido que si te tiras a la Pantoja tendrás muchas posibilidades de hacerte famoso. Eso sí, si quieres seguridad total, tírate al Cachuli...
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