The O-Bow: controlador de cuerda frotada

#1 por supertorpe el 22/03/2014

El O-Bow es un sensor óptico y un software de síntesis. El sensor óptico mide la velocidad y el ángulo del arco con gran precisión. Soporta una variedad de tipos de arco.

El vídeo anterior muestra el 5º prototipo que incorpora las siguientes características:

Alguien escribió:

- robust tracking from low to high speeds.
- bow contact parameter, enables ringing string sound when bow is removed while bowing.
- all communication is using the USB-MIDI protocol providing immediate connection to music software.
- cylindrical casing design for flexible configuration and orientation, for example using standard mic holder.
- contact saddle manufactured from optimized CAD design, for bow engagement and tracking.
- software moved to the Native Instruments Kontakt platform. The script language is strong enough to implement all the O-Bow features. This allows the O-Bow to operate as a virtual instrument in a wide variety of music software.
- manipulations are possible on the control data directly in a sequencer.
- speed to gain warping for a variety of playing feel.
- new violin sample recordings, including ringing. The samples are for prototyping puposes only- fully professional samples will be incorporated later.

Esta es una demo del primer prototipo:

#2 por --26171-- el 22/03/2014
Interesante, Juan Luis, a mí me gustaría ver alguna flauta frotada...

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